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HP Officejet J4680 Wireless Setup for MS Windows by using the Device Control Panel

Quelle:, HPTechUS, letzter Abruf: 12/2012

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Today, we’re going to set up a wireless connection between your HPJ 4680 home device and wireless network. Some things you need to have ready to go before you set up is to make sure that you know your SSID and your security keys. First we’re going to do is press the set-up button on the product control panel and then we’re going to press the right arrow button to select “wireless” and the press the “OK” button and then press the right arrow button to select the setup wizard and press “OK” again.  #00:00:51-3#

It’ll scroll through and it’ll look for wireless networks in the list that your wireless radio light is on as well. Once it searches for all available wireless networks out there, you’re going to press the right arrow button to select the name of your network found, in this case, “HP” and then press “OK.  #00:01:09-9#

Now, if you’re prompted to enter in the WPE or WPA key, enter in that key using the product keypad. Now, you need to make sure that you enter in uppercase and lowercase the way that you have the password set because this is case-sensitive. And you might have to scroll through these buttons a little bit at a time to make sure you get to the right ones.  #00:01:38-9#

And then we’ve got it. Go ahead and hit “OK”. What it’s going to do is it’s going to connect to your wireless network and everything goes well, it’ll say that it’s connected. Once we successfully connect the product to the wireless network, we’re going to need to print out the network configuration page to confirm the IP address is assigned correctly. To do this, press the OK button and then press the set-up button on the control panel. Next, press the left arrow to select “Print Report” and then press the “OK” button. After that, press the left arrow button to select “Network Configuration” or “Network Config” and then press the “OK” button again. The network report will print out.  #00:02:44-1#

Now, here’s the network configuration page with the assigned IP address, the SSID and that kind of thing. Once that’s all verified, then we’re going to need to install the product software in the computer that we will use on the network.  #00:02:59-4#

OK, now that we’ve got the all-in-one actually on your wireless network, what we need to do is install the drivers and get your computer talking to it. To do this, we go ahead and open up the CD or your downloaded driver software package, open it up and you’ll come to the screen here. Go ahead and click on “Install Network” or “Wireless Device” and it’ll start going through that process. This may take a few minutes. Then click “Next”, click on “Easy Install” and let it go through and do its installation.  #00:03:30-5#

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